We do more than public health.

We bring Joy to public health!

Transforming public health research into positive community impact!


Our purpose is to transform public health research into life-changing public health solutions that bring joy to the communities we serve.


Our mission is to revolutionize public health by supporting, training, equipping, and positioning public health researchers to make a positive impact in communities.


Our vision is to improve the future of public health research by creating sustainable solutions that lead to healthier communities, prevention of poor health outcomes, and health equity. 

What we stand for:


We believe that ethical and sound research practices are important in fighting health inequities and disparities. We support public health researchers in developing skills that not only lead to new knowledge, but also drive positive impact in communities.


We believe that positive impact in communities is achievable through public health research. We cultivate public health researchers through training and positioning to develop prevention efforts and sustainable solutions that build healthier generations.


We believe in the power of listening and uplifting the voices of the people through community engagement, education, and action. We equip public health researchers to work with and for communities in creating impactful and sustainable health programs.


We believe that health equity is our future. We strive to not only bring awareness to health disparities and social determinants of health, but also equip public health researchers to fight for social justice.


We believe that servant leaders make better leaders. We position public health researchers to think beyond responsibility and create real change. By humbling ourselves and sitting at the feet of the people we serve, we lead from our hearts with empathy, compassion, and care.

Build healthy communities.

Aim for prevention.

Strive for equity.

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