Joyee Washington Consulting is a health education firm dedicated to bridging the gap between public health research and program development. We offer the tools, support, and guidance current and future public health professionals need to help transform their skills, education, and research into life-changing and sustainable community health programs.

This is My Story

Who is Joyee Washington?

I’m a public health professional with a passion for serving communities. In 2020, I founded Joyee Washington Consulting with a mission to help public health professionals bring joy to the communities they serve by bridging the gap between conducting effective research and building impactful programs.

But there’s more to this story…….


Bachelors in Biology


Masters in Biomedical Sciences


Masters in Public Health Education


PhD in Education Research, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment


Certified Health Education Specialist


Community based researcher


Community Engagement Leader


Public Health Professor

Years of health Education Experience

Years of Research Experience

Health Education training hours

Community members served

….here is how it all started.

As a graduate student in biomedical sciences, I thought I was destined to be a physiologist. One day I started to wonder, “What if communities knew as much information about their bodies as I do — or as doctors or scientist do — how different would community health be if everyone knew more about their own health?” That’s when I made the decision to shift my career to public health.

I got my Masters of Public Health and became a Certified Health Education Specialist, launching my career in public health. As a public health professional, I was fortunate to gain a wide range of experience from coordinating health education and community-based participatory research programs to serving on program evaluation teams and even becoming a faculty member teaching public health at a university. And, while I had wonderful experiences, I noticed a disconnect in the public health space.

There were the researchers and the program developers, yet they weren’t always working together. Researchers would collect the data but not know how to turn that information into a community program while others were building amazing programs but didn’t understand the research methods needed to make their programs sustainable. Because of my background in research and experience with community health programs, I knew I could help bridge the gap between research and the implementation of effective community programs all while having fun and bringing joy to public health!

That’s why I started Joyee Washington Consulting.

Our Services

Our signature programs start at the beginning — by helping graduate students and public health professionals early in their career identify the right community health career path based on their interests, skillsets, and passion. We focus on supporting community health educators and researchers by equipping and training them on how to conduct effective research and build impactful programs by translating data and information into sustainable solutions.

The Public Health Career Compass

Want a career in public health but don’t know where to start? Join The Public Health Career Compass, a 2-hour live workshop designed to give you clarity and direction on your public health career path! Enrollment opens January 2022!

The Public Health PUSH

Do you need a push toward your success in health field? Join The Public Health PUSH, a 6-week program designed to give you the push you need to jumpstart your public health career! Enrollment Opens Summer 2022!

More than surveys and data. Building trust and relationships through research. 

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