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Is Public Health Research Right For You?


Are you lost on your public health journey?

Feeling frustrated by your inexperience?

Want a public health research career, but don’t know where to start?

Join Dr. Joyee for a Live Q &A!

We position public health graduate students to overcome inexperience by gaining clarity and direction on their career path, transforming to confident and impactful public health researchers.

Have you ever said: "I don't have public health skills or experience. I don't know if I can be a researcher".

Not sure if public health research is the right career move? Join Dr. Joyee for a live Q&A, Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 6pm CT on Zoom! 

The Live Q & A  is for you if….

You feel lost on your public health career path and need direction.

You feel overwhelmed on your public health journey.

You are struggling to decide if public health research is right for you.

Your inexperience hinders your public health career goals.

You lack confidence and feel unprepared as a researcher.

You can’t find opportunities to build your research skills.

Get clarity on your public health research career! Join the FREE live Q&A!


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What to Expect:

Lose the uncertainty and get prepared for your career!

  • Get the information you need to decide if a public health research career is right for you!
  • Get the strategies you need to overcome your inexperience so you don’t miss your opportunities!
  • Leave feeling prepared, confident, & informed!
  • Be the first to get the details on the FREE 5-day Challenge to Unlock Your Public Health Superpower during National Health Education Week!


You will be prepared knowing what is expected of a public health researcher, the roles and responsibilities, and decide if a research career is right for you.


You will be confident in knowing the actionable strategies for how to overcome your inexperience, build your public health research skills, and start your career.


You will be informed on the benefits and challenges of being a public health researcher as well as the education and training necessary to build experience.

Join Dr. Joyee's FREE 5-day Challenge to Unlock Your Public Health Superpower!


I hear MPH students and grads say this all the time: “I don’t have public health experience. I don’t have any skills.”


All you want to do is get your public health career started, land your job, and do the thing you love!


I get it, I’ve been there. The one thing that is going to help you the most is identifying your unique public health strengths or what I like to call your PUBLIC HEALTH SUPERPOWER!


You have the skills and the experience, you just haven’t unlocked it yet…..


In celebration of National Health Education Week, October 17-21, 2022, Dr. Joyee is hosting a FREE 5-day challenge to help you unlock your public health superpower!


In this 5-day challenge, you will identify the strengths you already have that will push your public health career forward!

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