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Welcome to the Public Health Joy podcast, the safe space for real and honest conversations about what it takes to transform public health research into life-changing solutions for our communities.

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About the podcast

What is Public Health Joy?

In my experience, building a public health research career has been hard, but what keeps me going is finding the joy in the journey.Perhaps the most valuable part of my public health research journey has been the relationships I’ve built along the way.

I’ve learned over the years that when research meets relationship, the possibilities are endless.

Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, I want you to join me as we share creative and innovative approaches to public health research and the relationships we build along the way that bring us joy!

Host: Dr. Joyee Washington

Episode Guide

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Episode 1: Exponential Growth

In this episode, Dr. Joyee shares how you can are prepare for exponential growth in your public health research and what you can expect from season 3 of the podcast.

Episode 2: Women Entrepreneurs Changing The Game In Public Health

In this episode, we’re talking with Jennifer McKeever about her journey as the founder of WE Public Health, a collective of women entrepreneurs changing the game in public health.

Episode 3: Building Resilience Through Community-Driven Decision Making

In this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Deepika Andavarapu about how we can advance health equity by building resilience through community-led decision making in research and evaluation.

Episode 4: “Beyond The Gift Card”- A Conversation with The Community Lady

In this episode, we’re talking with Ms. Ede Crittle also known as “The Community Lady” about what it means to build community relationships in research beyond the gift card.

Episode 5: Money, Power, & Trust: Reimagining Equitable Funding in Research with Dr. Rachel Powell

In this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Rachel Powell about how we can reimagine funding, power, and research through trust-based philanthropy to drive positive impact and health equity.

Episode 6: Our Home, Our Story – Black Women Impacting Health Equity in Mississippi

In this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Nakeitra Burse about how we, as Black women, are impacting maternal health and health equity right here in Mississippi, the place we call home.

Episode 7: From Pain to Pleasure – Black Women Exploring Freedom in Sexual Health

In this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Shemeka Thorpe about her work with communities in creating safe spaces for Black women to share, learn, and explore sex-positive, pleasure-centered approaches to sexual health.

Episode 8: Righteousness in Public Health Research

In this episode, Dr. Joyee shares what she has learned about what it means to bring righteousness to public health research and how you can do it too.

Episode 9: Planning Your Processes: Organization for Community-Engaged Research Success

In this episode, we’re talking with Chelsea Yvanda, Dr. Joyee’s virtual assistant, about the importance of planning processes and organization for community-engaged research success.

Episode 10: Creating Community-Engaged Solutions as a Public Health Entrepreneur

 In this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Charlotte Huntley, my mentor and friend, about how we are working with organizations to create community-engaged solutions as public health entrepreneurs.

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