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Research consulting & more 

Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about your research process? We give you the educational, operational, and advisory support you need to transform public health research into positive community impact.

 We serve community-based establishments engaged in research initiatives such as public health organizations, non-profits, grass roots organizations, community clinics, school districts & more!

Research Planning & Design

We provide you with strategies to successfully plan and design your research initiatives.

Data Collection

We offer support in collecting data for your research needs such as surveys and focus groups.


Data Analysis

We assist with quantitative and qualitative data analysis to gain information and achieve results.

Data Interpretation

We help you understand the meaning behind your data and why it matters for your community.

Data Sharing

We develop meaningful approaches to share your research findings with your community.

Implementing Solutions

We transform your research into positive impact by implementing data informed solutions.



A roundtable discussion with community engaged researchers and public health professionals. This roundtable featured small group discussion and live question and answer session.


A 3-day virtual summit with public health researchers and professionals to discuss community engagement, research processes, and sustainability in communities of color.

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Research Education: Workshops & Trainings

Customized workshops and trainings to educate your community on research is what we do best! Whether you need to focus on assessment strategies or train your staff to conduct interviews and focus groups, our research education team will tailor your educational experience so you are right on target!

Research Operations: Planning, Management, & Execution

Achieving your research goals means ensuring you have the tools, processes, and skills to execute efficiently. Our research operations team works with you to plan, manage, and execute your community’s research tasks.

Research Advisement: Comprehensive Strategy

Our high-level consulting services help you build a strong foundation for transforming your research into positive community impact. Our research advisement team works with you to provide a comprehensive strategy that supports your community’s mission and goals.

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