Public Health research consulting

We transform public health research into life-changing public health solutions.

We offer comprehensive training, technical assistance, and strategic advisement on community engaged research to public health organizations, non-profits, grass roots organizations, community clinics, and academic institutions to create sustainable solutions that lead to healthier communities.


Research & Data Literacy for Community Partners

We offer a comprehensive training program designed to educate community partners with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage effectively in research, data-driven initiatives, and ethical practices. 

Strategies for Successful Community Engaged Research

We offer a comprehenisve training program designed to educate organizational leaders and academic researchers on effective strategies for building successful partnerships through community-engaged research.


Research Planning & Design

We provide you with strategies to successfully plan and design your research initiatives.

Data Collection

We offer support in collecting data for your research needs such as surveys and focus groups.


Data Analysis

We assist with quantitative and qualitative data analysis to gain information and achieve results.

Data Interpretation

We help you understand the meaning behind your data and why it matters for your community.

Data Sharing

We develop meaningful approaches to share your research findings with your community.

Implementing Solutions

We transform your research into positive impact by implementing data informed solutions.


Research Assessment

We examine and assess the effectiveness and impact of current community-engaged research initiatives and projects.

Strategic Consultation

We identify gaps and opportunities in the research by collaboratively gathering insights from stakeholders and partners.


We provide recommendations for optimizing community engagement in ongoing and future research endeavors.

Build healthy communities.

Aim for prevention.

Strive for equity.

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