Get the resources you need to build healthy communities, aim for prevention and strive for equity! Start now with my downloadable guide to explore tips and strategies for building effective community based research and programs.

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What’s inside


Defining Research

Difference Between Research & Programs



Identifying Stakeholders


Priority & Expectations

Putting the Puzzle Together


Listen & Build Trust

Where Research Meets Relationship


Open Road to Learn

Learning is a Two-Way Street


Sustainability & Equity

Building for Success


The purpose of this guide is to share tips and strategies for building effective community based research and programs I have learned from my professional experiences. This guide is designed to provide thought provoking questions that will put you on the right track to developing community based research and programs. By the end of this guide, you will be able to:

• Identify community stakeholders

• Determine your priorities and community priorities

• Evaluate your expectations

• Describe factors for listening and building trust among your community

• Identify community strengths and weaknesses

• Select learning targets for yourself and your community

• Define sustainability and identify desired results

• Define equity and identify desired results



Key Concepts

Research is important, but how can we develop meaningful connections and change while working with communities? This quick guide is designed to help you build the foundation you need before starting community based research and programs. In 10 short pages, this guide covers the questions every researcher and program creator should be asking themselves to truly make a difference. It’s time to discover where research meets relationship!

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