Who I serve


Individuals interested in developing public health, education, or community based programs.


Community groups such as faith based, neighborhoods, volunteer, service-based groups, and community-academic partnerships.


For-profit, non-profit, grass roots, grant funded, and business organizations.

K-12 Schools

Primary and secondary schools, school districts, and other related departments.


Higher education institutions such as community colleges and 4-year colleges and universities.


Undergraduate and graduate students who need guidance in public health and education research coursework and academic careers.

What I Do

Research support

Research comes in many different forms and is dynamic. I give you the strategies you need for research methods, design, analysis, and reporting for projects including (but not limited to) community based research, qualitative research, survey development, institutional research, public health and education research.

Community outreach & engagement

Communities hold a wealth of information. I work with you to uncover the resources your community holds to be empowered. More than that, I help you create innovative solutions to keep community members engaged in taking ownership of problems and cultivating solutions together.


Before you plan a program or research, you need to know what the needs are or where gaps may exist. I provide clear methods to identify needs, factors that influence those needs, and next steps for meeting needs through assessments. Assessments provide a valuable foundation for future planning, implementation, and evaluation efforts.

Program planning

The ideas are endless and you need a plan to move towards action. I work with you to supply proper strategies to fully develop your program. Including planning how to reach participants, collaborating with partners, developing goals and objectives, creating interventions, implementing, and evaluating. From start to finish, I’ve got you covered.

Program Implementation

You’ve got the plan, but now it’s time to execute. I will equip you with the tools to coordinate, deliver, and monitor your program. You can learn the best tools to utilize resources, market your program, meet goals and objectives, and ensure fidelity.

Program Evaluation

The success of your program depends on measuring your outcomes. I will show you the methods to gain feedback and  measure your program consistently. I will also show you how to use information collected from evaluation efforts to meet goals and objectives, improve your program, and create a sustainable future.

Discovery Call: $75

Let’s get to know each other! Spend 30 minutes with me on a discovery call and we can talk about your needs, goals, and how I can help you. $75 per call.

Strategy Session: $350

Bring your program and research to life with a 60 minute strategy session! We will go through details together to determine your next steps for plans and execution. $350 per session (with prior purchase of discovery call).

Accountability Call: $50

Once you have had your strategy session, I will follow-up with you in a 15 minute call to help you get things done! We will check problems with solutions to make sure you stay on track. $50 per call (with prior purchase of strategy session).

*These are standard rates that apply to any individual, community, organization, K-12 school, institution of higher education, or any other related entity seeking services. If you have any other inquiry or need assistance with a service that is not listed, please send an email to


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Mrs. Washington supported me as a college senior for Healthcare Education. She was innovative, interactive, and informative. She uses technology and provides variety in her instructions. These techniques kept me engaged as a student and kept learning interesting. Ms. Washington is also hands-on and forward thinking. She was my favorite, hands-down. She is truly an asset to her profession and a pure educator.

Tracey McDonald, University of Southern Mississippi and Mississippi College Alumni

I worked on a project in 2016 where Joyee played a pivotal role in the research component leading up to our team being able to put together our presentation for a group of medical and health related professionals. We went on to deliver multiple 1st place presentations that ended with us having a state licensed Social Enterprise with our names on it, thousands in cash earnings, as well as a published research paper. I owe much of the springboard of my career to Joyee's work.

Brian Street, MSW, Founder of Your Legacy Begins Now, LLC

Joyee models excellent teaching skills and demonstrated a lot of examples how to understand the concepts. Her teaching style was engaging, informative, passionate, and caring. She always made me feel comfortable, reassured and encouraged. There was a lot of flexibility with scheduling and she was able to work around my work schedule due to my work hours. I’m so thankful to God for this semester's accomplishment and sending Joyee on this journey with me. My overall experience was an exceptional semester, and I highly recommend Joyee Washington Consulting.

Brenetta L. Johnson, BS, University of Southern Mississippi Alumni

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