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Workshops for groups

I provide workshops for organizations, institutions, and communities to advance skills that will help meet your public health, education, and research goals.

Research Design

Access the information you need to design qualitative and quantitative research studies, collect, analyze, and interpret data, and use findings.

Advocacy & Communication

Develop meaningful approaches to engage your community members by building trust and relationships.


Assessment of Needs & Capacity

Advance skills in assessment planning, data collection, data analysis, and application of findings.

Planning Processes & Models

Learn the strategies to successfully plan your public health and education interventions.

Implementation Tools

Prepare to coordinate, deliver, and monitor implementation of your public health and education programs.


Evaluation Design

Discover evaluation techniques that will prepare your program for success and sustainability.

Make Your Community a Priority.

I certainly will.

Customized Workshops

Customized workshops to meet specific public health and education research goals is key. Whether you need to focus on assessment strategies or train your team to conduct interviews and focus groups, workshops are tailored so you are right on target!

Virtual Access

Virtual access for workshops ensure convenience and safety. Workshops are accessible at the click of a button. By providing live and recorded options, I meet your needs in a safe and healthy virtual space!

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning keeps participants engaged. Using chat rooms, live Q&A, worksheets, and other techniques, I create an unforgettable workshop experience for your community!

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Build healthy communities.

Aim for prevention.

Strive for equity.

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