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Public health, education, and research graduate students are dedicated, ambitious, and ready to learn! However, I know those courses can be tough and sometimes you need a little extra support, especially when it comes to research methods. Work with me to not only get through your academic courses, but also to get prepared for the professional world. It’s more than knowledge, it’s about application. I’m here to help you learn the skills you need to transition from grad student to working professional.

My Journey From Student to Professional

About me

I have been a student for most of my life. Just like you, I went through the courses, did my best to learn the material, and struggled on my way to the degree finish line. After facing the many challenges of grad school, I had to figure out what worked for me. Here’s the thing I learned about public health, education, and research, it’s not enough to know the material. You have to understand how to apply your knowledge and you cannot wait until you graduate or get your first job. You have to start NOW! That’s what makes the difference. When I started approaching graduate school from the mindset of a professional, I felt more ready for my career than ever before. That’s why I want to help you! Many of us dream about the moment we get that professional job fresh out of school. But here is my question: How are you applying what you already know as a student to prepare yourself as a professional? Let’s dig deep together and get you ready for the transition from student to professional.

What I Offer

Trainings and Courses

Virtual and interactive trainings and courses provide the flexibility you need to strengthen your public health and research skills.

Career Development

Research Foundations

Public Health Programming

One-on-One Sessions

Need help understanding research or programming methods? Work with me to focus on exactly what you need to get things done!

Research Courses

Programming Courses

Capstones, Theses, Dissertations

Group Sessions

Want to work with your peers to keep you motivated while you learn? Book a group session for you and your classmates!

Customized Sessions

Live and Recorded Accessibility

Interactive Learning

Public Health Consulting Focus Areas

Research Methods

Research Design

Literature Reviews

Theoretical Frameworks

Survey Design

Qualitative Methods

Community Based Research


Program Planning

Program Implementation

Program Evaluation

Writing in Research

Graduate Education

Master's Students

Doctoral Students

I’ve been in your position as a student. I have transitioned to a researcher, educator, and professional leader.

Years of Professional Experience

Courses Taught

Students Served

Build your skills before graduation!

Student to Professional

You may be a student today, but you will be a working professional before you know it! There is no better time than today to learn the knowledge and build your skills. The public health and education fields are ready for you. Just be sure you are ready for it!

Check out what other students have to say about working with me in the testimonials below!

Joyee could help me voice the thoughts I was struggling with and give clarity to what I questioned. She was able to bring to light and counsel me on what skills stand out now and what skills could help me in the future! Now, I have more confidence about what I will be looking for in a Public Health job after school!

MPH Student

Career Prep Consultation

As a senior in college, there is a huge amount of pressure to decide what you are going to do post graduation. Joyee did an excellent job in helping me prepare for my next steps after gradation. She was extremely supportive and reassuring about my anxiety towards the grad school process, finding a job after graduation, and how to get started in the public health field. I walked away from our session with a clearer view of my options after graduation and would not have been able to create a post grad plan without Joyee’s help!

Undergraduate Student

Career Prep Consultation

Working with Joyee on my research was a pleasant experience. She helped me navigate my material and I was always much more clear on how to make my research better after speaking with her. I enjoyed being able to use Zoom as well. I appreciated how Joyee reviewed my research and made commentary throughout it so that I know how to improve my work, and I appreciated her notes from our first conversation; everything she did put me on a a path to success with my research.

MPH Student

Research Consultation

 Pick My Brain!

Have a quick question, need help figuring something out, just want to talk about public health and education topics, PICK MY BRAIN! For 30 minutes, we can talk about what is on your mind. Book a “Pick My Brain” session today for only $20!

*One-on-one consultations for students are currently not offered. All student consulting services are held in group sessions that open for registration during a specific time frame. Student rates only apply to current or prospective undergrad and graduate students who need services based on guidance in their academics or career, college level coursework, and school related projects/research such as dissertations and capstones. Related courses may include but is not limited to public health, education research, measurement and evaluation, qualitative research, intro level statistics, assessment, research design, survey research, program planning, and program implementation. If you have any other inquiry or need assistance with a service that is not listed, please send an email to

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